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Premier separation anxiety trainer of the Washington, D.C. area, training dogs remotely for Humane Rescue Alliance in the nation’s capital as well as across the U.S. and Europe. Her writing can be found in publications including The Bark magazine, The Washington Post, and The Chronicle of the Dog.​  

Tracy’s passion is helping fearful dogs discover confidence and joy — just as she did for her once “fraidy” pup, Emma the Beagle.

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Having lived with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, I understand how painful this phobia can be for pups and people alike. I've worried about how Emma's barking and howling would bother our condo neighbors. I've had to replace rugs and couches after Emma lost her bladder on them so many times that they were destroyed. I've had to pay for door frames to be repaired after Emma tried to chew her way out.
And most importantly, I've worried about how much my beautiful girl suffered when she was left home alone. I've suffered through my own guilt every time I left home.

Emma's Story
Dog trainer testimonial
We credit Alexandra with helping us and Rolo enjoy a better quality of life.
My husband and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Alexandra and would give her our highest recommendation.

When we first started working with Alexandra, our pup, Rolo, was alert and whining at our door after about two minutes of being alone. We worked with Alexandra for 8 weeks and then a few additional weeks on our own, and now Rolo snoozes comfortably for 2 hours. Alexandra is knowledgeable in her field, has a calm and professional demeanor, and most of all we appreciated the collaborative nature of our relationship with her. She was always willing to offer suggestions and listen to our feedback, and she would adjust her plan accordingly, for example, scaling back the training when Rolo wasn't feeling well. Alexandra was communicative, easy to work with, and we feel it was money well spent as Rolo has made incredible progress with his separation anxiety. She has even been so kind as to follow up with us after we completed our sessions with her, and she gave us the tools for us to continue behavior training on our own. We credit Alexandra with helping us and Rolo to enjoy a better quality of life, and that is all we wanted for Rolo, the ability to feel comfortable and safe while home alone. Thank you, Alexandra!

Elizabeth, Keith, and Rolo

Washington, D.C.

We are grateful to Alexandra!
Coal is our Covid puppy. After two years of rarely going out without the dog, we were ready to resume normalcy.

We are grateful to our trainer Alexandra for working with us. We now have the tools to increase our time away from Coal so he can stay safe, happy and stress-free. We look forward to building up his independence. Thanks!

Dawnita, Sylvan, and Coal

Washington, D.C.

Dog trainer testimonial
We are so grateful that we found Jennifer and SA training.
Our rescue puppy Lola would flip out whenever we left the house, bending her crate to escape, scratching the floor by the door, and making a giant mess.

Without Jennifer's help, I am convinced that we would have ended up re-homing her. We felt in over our heads, exhausted, and hopeless. Jennifer helped us turn everything around. She expertly guided us through SA training, including some bumps in the road, and helped us to better understand our sweet girl, suggesting mental games to help tame her endless zoomies and cat fixation. We started training with a baseline of less than 15 seconds (with Lola doing a backflip when we left!). With Jennifer's help, we made it to an hour and 15 minutes (with Lola falling asleep two minutes after we left). As we move to training on our own, we feel confident that we can do it with all of the tips and guidance that Jennifer has provided. Now, we can enjoy our sweet girl and also leave her behind sometimes. (And, Jennifer is a really cool person, who we enjoyed getting to know.)

Terry and Lola

Arlington, Va.

Dog trainer testimonial
Dog trainer Testimonial
Dog trainer Testimonial
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