Become an expert in training separation-related problems by shadowing real-time cases and receiving coaching for work with your own clients.

Separation-Related Problems
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Some of the best research on separation anxiety —or more accurately stated as “separation-related problems”—was published in January 2020. Researchers at the University of Lincoln, UK, have determined that these alone-time behavior problems —including barking, howling, soiling, destruction, pacing, injury, and escaping—are far more complicated than the generally held belief that they are the manifestation of "anxiety." Frustration, boredom, impulsivity, chronic pain, and, yes of course, fear and anxiety, can all play a significant role in this suite of behaviors.

Approximately a quarter of the dogs presenting with separation-related problems have not historically responded to training nor been helped by medications. Given the fact that millions of dogs across the globe struggle with being alone, and that separation-related problems are one of the top reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters and, too often, euthanized, if we can solve the problem for that subset of supposedly “unhelpable” dogs, we could have a tremendous impact on dogs' lives.

I created Separation Anxiety and Beyond to provide a more holistic training and management approach to helping dogs who struggle with being alone—by looking beyond separation anxiety. And by doing so, I’ve seen dogs transform from screaming, howling, escaping, having accidents and destroying objects within seconds of someone leaving the house, to flopped on their side, completely relaxed for an hour or more within one to two weeks.

Yes, I still have longer-term cases which can take many weeks or months to resolve, but by broadening my understanding of the root cause of the problem, I’ve finally been able to also help dogs who would have previously fallen into that “unhelpable” category. No behavior is 100% guaranteed, so we cannot promise with absolute certainty that we will help each and every dog, but by taking a holistic approach to our work and by using the highest skillset when training, we can move farther in the right direction towards helping even the trickiest cases.

I designed this mentorship program not only to help trainers hone their skills in a safe space while they build up their businesses, but also to create an atmosphere of idea sharing, so that as we all continue to help pups who cannot handle being alone, we can learn from one another and grow together.

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foster care initiative
program format
foster care initiative
Dog trainer testimonial
Mentoring with Tracy was the best decision of my dog training career.

Linda S.

Washington D.C.
When we started we had been immersed in discussions about ways to help dogs who display signs of fear, anxiety and discomfort...

So I had an idea of how brilliant her mind was. Somehow that still did not prepare me for the fantastic experience of witnessing Tracy work in real time.For trainers who are serious about helping dogs with Separation Related Behaviors, Tracy’s program has it all: science, client counseling, compassion, body language analysis at a micro level, meticulous plan writing, data monitoring and interpreting, holistic approach to Separation Related Behaviors (not just anxiety), case studies, and a healthy dose of humor. Her passion for the subject is contagious and her quest for knowledge insatiable. Every part of the program has made me a better trainer.

Dog trainer testimonial
I am a more confident, successful trainer

Linda S.

Washington D.C.
Tracy is an exceptional mentor, and her program is unparalleled.

This is the perfect education for trainers with a solid foundation that want to take their skills to the next level. Tracy’s holistic way of treating separation anxiety (and related behaviors), and her expertise in counseling clients has served as a blueprint for my own practice. She is patient with questions, and generous with her time and knowledge. There is a strong focus on plan building, canine body language (hint: identifying micro behavior is key!), and creating a more enriching life for dogs and their humans. For anyone looking for a deep dive, comprehensive mentorship in separation related behaviors, this is the program for you!  I am a more confident, successful trainer because of Tracy’s support.

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Because of the hands-on nature of this mentor program as well as the time I put into training client dogs, I will only be able to work with a limited number of mentees a year.

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